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Gallery: Fanime 2012

Fanime 2012 swept into the San Jose Convention Center this past weekend and brought with it over 20,000 attendees from around the country and beyond. This year saw the introduction of Clockwork Alchemy as a satellite event. The event’s energy continues to permeate all of central San Jose as costumes from Anime of every imaginable persuasion come to life. The level of costuming and fabrication skills continue to amaze as every year new technologies emerge and old ones become more affordable.

This year the convention center’s ongoing construction made the bulk of the regular photography areas unavailable so every available square foot of space became occupied by photographers, cosplayers, or both. So without further adieu, here’s just some of the costumes that were at this year’s event. Keep an eye out for our Masquerade photos to go up soon!

Photos by Bill Watters and Mary Anne Butler

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