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Movie Review: A Hit & Run look at the film – “Hit & Run”

by Matt Sernaker, Managing Editor

If you are looking for something entertaining to watch at the theater this weekend, then Hit & Run is definitely a fun way to spend an evening.

After being placed in witness protection following a bank job gone awry, Charlie Bronson may have finally found the ideal life. When the girl of his dreams is offered a job back in his hometown of Los Angeles, he decides to risk his life and go with her…Four years is enough time for people to forget about someone….right? This action comedy features fast cars, a strong cast, and a few surprises that will keep viewers entertained from start to finish. Written, directed, and starring Dax Shepard (King of The Hill), Hit & Run was a movie that really surprised me with some quality moments.

Charlie’s girl friend Annie (Kristen Bell- Veronica Mars) is offered a job specifically tailored to her career, but the catch is that it is in Los Angeles. After debating on the implications of returning home, Charlie decides to throw caution to the wind and offers to drive Annie to her interview. Annie’s previous boyfriend Gil (Michael Rosenbaum – Smallville) gets involved when the couple stops by to pick up old documents that she needs in order to get the job. Gil has it out for Charlie, and accidentally stumbles onto information about his past. Realizing that this would be a chance to get rid of Charlie and win Annie back, he reaches out to Charlie’s old partner Alex Dimitri (Bradley Cooper – The Hangover), and offers up Charlie’s location. Alex doesn’t pass up the opportunity to get even with his old friend, and the high speed chase for retribution begins!

Hit & Run won’t win any awards for being the best movie of the summer, but I still appreciated it for the fun, over the top moments. You could tell how much fun the cast had while making this film, and it carries over to the enjoyment of the audience. There are a few extra cameos that are placed throughout the movie, and those just increase the enjoyment (no spoilers here).

If you want a fun, mindless “B-Movie” to watch this weekend, give Hit & Run a shot.

ComicsOnline gives Hit & Run 3 out of 5 moments where Bradley Cooper makes someone eat Dog Food.

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