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ComicsOnline Podcast S13E08 – Firefly 10th Anniversary

SPOILER ALERT!  You’re listening to the ComicsOnline Podcast. Season Thirteen. Episode Eight. Firefly 10th Anniversary.

This episode, we bring you the audio from the Firefly 10th Anniversary Press Panel.

Instead of either our usual podcast style or our interview style, we bring you a special nugget of fandom joy for all you Browncoats out there. As you know, when we go to Comic-Cons across the globe, we like to bring you a ton of exclusive videos. As requested by those running the press room, ComicsOnline shut off our video cameras for this event, but as you know, you can’t stop the signal. No power in the ‘verse was able to stop us from tapping into the room audio to bring you this version.

ComicsOnline is proud to present a very shiny podcast Featuring Summer Glau, Alan Tudyk, Adam Baldwin, Sean Maher, Joss Whedon, and Captain Malcolm Reynolds himself: Nathan Fillion.

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