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WonderCon 2013: DC All-Access Panel Coverage


by Matt Sernaker, Managing Editor

ComicsOnline is on site at WonderCon 2013, and we are pleased to share some highlights from Friday’s DC All-Access Panel:

Scott Snyder on the upcoming “Batman: Year Zero” story arc in Batman:

  • Starts in issue 21, and revisits Batman’s early years.
  • When the New 52 started they wanted to keep most of Batman’s history intact, but parts of “Year One” won’t stand anymore (I.E. James Jr. being 6 years old and Selina Kyle has a different origin).
  • DC approached Snyder and wanted to do an earlier story. “I honestly in my heart of hearts believe it is the best thing that we have done on Batman. It means a tremendous amount to me. It is nothing, nothing, nothing like Year One. It doesn’t retread anything.”

Scott Snyder on his new title Superman Unbound:

  • “I am incredibly honored to be working with Jim Lee. It’s one big story. If I only had one chance to write a Superman story, this is what it would be.”
  • New villain for the story, but Perry White, Jimmy, Lois, and Lex play roles as well.
  • Meant to be a classic Superman story, but told in a new way.

James Robinson on his title Earth 2:

  • Upcoming issue will feature the return of Captain Steel (previously had been Commander Steel).
  • Creative team decided to give Captain Steel a Filipino background.
  • Mystery of “what is in the firepits” will be key.
  • Barda and Mister Miracle will be joining the cast.
  • Pieces are falling into place for a larger event that will take place within Earth 2.
  • Killer surprise happening in Issue 17.
  • Doctor Midnight will be suggested in an upcoming issue.
  • A brand new Batman is being introduced in upcoming Earth 2 annual. Audience member asked if it was a one off gimmick, but Robinson insists that this new character will be around for a long time and will have lasting impact on the book.

Matt Kindt on Justice League of America Backup Stories:

  • How does a backup story work? Geoff Johns asked him to do the story. After Johns’ writes a story, Matt tries to tie the backup story into an element of the main title. Very different than how most backup stories are done.

Bryan Q. Miller on Smallville – Season 11:

  • Kara returns for upcoming “Argo” story. A Booster Gold mishaps lands Booster and Clark in the future, and we learn what has happened with Kara since we last saw her.
  • Legion of Superheroes returns.
  • Breaking news: Kara has pants since she flies around.

Jim Chadwick on Injustice: Gods Among Us comic:

  • Tie in comic will continue past release of the game.
  • Confirmed through end of 2013.


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