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WonderCon 2013: Doctor Who Preview


by Gema Luna and Daniel Reamer, Assistant Editors

The Doctor (Matt Smith) is back with a new companion and a new unknown enemy. Saturday at 9/8c on BBC America.


There is a plea for help from souls that are being taken by a strange Wi-Fi signal popping up all over the world and trapping their souls for unknown reasons.  The impossible woman, Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman – Captain America: The First Avenger), reappears in present day London as a nanny trying to reach technical support for her internet issues through a hotline given to her by a local shop owner. Meanwhile, the bells of Saint John are ringing in the year 1207 and a monk in hiding, who is searching for meaning, finally resurfaces to answer the call of the Blue Box. Little did he know, the answers he was looking for was on the other end of the call.

A secret organization is uploading souls via Wi-Fi signals for a client, who we later find out is The Great Intelligence, for unknown purposes. The Doctor and Clara get involved when they try to upload Clara’s soul only to find that the Doctor is not to be trifled with when he sends the message “Under My Protection” as a warning.

The episode opens very dramatically and is fantastic episode for the introduction of the actual companion of the Doctor. The chemistry between Smith and Coleman is dead on. The opening credits have changed once again, giving a little homage to the older shows, as well little references here and there to other Doctors.

doctorwho-s7-tardis800“It’s a time machine, you never have to wait for breakfast.” -The Doctor


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