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Interview With Max Brooks



It was at the 2013 Emerald City Comic Convention that I first heard about the Max Brooks project for Avatar Press Extinction Parade. This tale combines the concept of zombies, vampires, and war.  A couple of weeks ago I was told that, in support of Extinction Parade, I could ask him three questions, and with help from Mike Favila, I submitted these.

ExtinctionParade1Q. Extinction Parade seems to be your first foray into the original comic book medium (having done the licensed title GI Joe already), and I’d like to know if you have more tales for this story telling medium waiting in the wings?

A. Next year I have a graphic novel coming out that I’ve been working on for essentially 13 years. I initially thought it up as a screenplay then realized that a comics format would allow me to get the story out without having to wait for a studio. It’s a true story, no zombies, vampires, or anything supernatural. It’s a war story, specifically the First World War. It’s a story that’s been very close to my heart for a very long time.

Q. Would you ever consider a sequel to World War Z the book or movie?

A.  As far as the movie goes, you’ll have to ask the folks who made it. ExtinctionParade01pg02_03 copyAs far as the book goes, yes, I’ve considered a sequel but it would have to take the same amount of passion and inspiration that drove me to write the first one, otherwise it would just be “Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money”.

Q. You were a consultant on the “Deadliest Warrior” episode Vampires vs Zombies. I’m torn about the results and wondered how you feel about the outcome. Is that reflected in the pages of Extinction Parade?

A. ExtinctionParade1WrapMost definitely. The Extinction Parade comic draws a lot of its inspiration from the discussions I had both with Matt Mogk (Team Zombie) and Steve Niles and Scott Bowen (Team Vampire) on the set of “Deadliest Warrior”. That process forced me to go deeper into the concepts I initially explored in the short story, and made me realize how much more could be mined from this basic concept.

Three questions not enough? Then check-out World War Z in theaters and Extinction Parade this summer.

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