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COPS13E38: Garrett Wang Interview (Star Trek: Voyager, Dragon Con)

Tim Russ, Robert Duncan McNeill, and Garrett Wang

by Mary Anne Butler, Reporter/Photographer

SPOILER ALERT!  You’re listening to the ComicsOnline Podcast. Season Thirteen. Episode Thirty-Eight. Garrett Wang Interview!

This episode, Mary Anne is joined by Star Trek Voyager‘s Harry Kim: Garrett Wang.

It’s very VERY rare to see someone who was an actor/producer/whatnot for a show such as Star Trek want to take a role like the director of a lineup of panels at a large fan-run convention.  However, that’s exactly what Star Trek: Voyager alum Garrett Wang (who played Ensign Harry Kim on Voyager) has done.  Something you might not know about Dragon Con (held over Labor Day weekend in Zombie Central Atlanta) is that their programming is set up into ‘tracks’, or sets of panels all pertaining to the same basic fandom or focus.  A few examples of these are the Alternate History Track (Steampunk), the Trek Track (Star Trek), British Sci-Fi Media Track (for all the Whovians, Torchwood fans ect.), Live Performances, Animation, Costuming, Comics, Art, Movies….and Filking.  You name the fandom, chances are, Dragon Con has you covered.

Garrett was kind enough to take time out of his BUSY schedule to talk to me about the con, how he came to be involved, and HOW TO PROPERLY SAY HIS LAST NAME.

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Photo Credit: Christian Bobak

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