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Lori’s Top 5 Non-Book Gifts for the Literary Geek in Your Life


 by Lori Kendall, Assistant Editor and giver of Book Gifts

1. A Fucking Grammar Mug

You know you’ve seen it. That subtle little eye twitch that plagues your Grammar Nazi friend every time they see one of these terms misused? That’s them silently inserting an intensifier into their correction and trying not to strangle the object of their ire. Let them know that you understand their struggle with this awesome mug that inserts the best of all intensifiers into their correction and you may just save some of your less grammar savvy friends from a long and painful death…


Companion Gift: The Greatest First Lines of Literature Mug

Grammar nerds are profane, angry, and classy. Never forget that.


2. Hamlet “No” Shirt

If anyone understands sass it is Willy Goddamn Shakespeare. Yeah, he can be kind of dramatic and broody and “out damn spot”, but you know you like him best when he’s all, “I’d set my ten commandments in your face!” Let your literary friend show the world they’re taking none of that shit with the classiest, sassiest shirt around.


Companion Gift: Gatsby Tank

“Ain’t no party like a Gatsby party, because a Gatsby party don’t stop (until at least two people are dead and everyone is disillusioned with the Jazz Age as a whole)”. ‘Nuff said.


3. Polyjuice Flask

Having an adorably labeled flask can come in handy in many situations and awkward parties is definitely one of them. Help your friend booze it through the holidays by buying them the one gift that will unite all the heavy drinkers and Potterheads in the room. Just be sure to remind them to tone down the Slytherin references when talking to that fifth cousin they can’t stand.


Companion Gift: Set of 4 Harry Potter House Pint Glasses

Nothing pairs better with Polyjuice labeled whiskey than a pint of homemade Butterbeer.


4. Sherlock Holmes Flats

You’ve tried to tell your Sherlockian friend that a well-worn nightshirt and black clay pipe may not be appropriate for all occasions, but they can’t seem to hear you under that deer stalker hat. Help them celebrate their obsession with a bit more subtlety by snagging them a pair of these snazzy sleuth shoes.  Sure, the less observant may miss the reference entirely, but “the world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.”


Companion Gift: Dr. Who Book Buddies

Don’t even pretend that WHOLOCK doesn’t apply here.


5. ‘NeverEnding Story’ Tablet Cover

You know your friend is torn by that new e-book they received. Sure, it’s like having an entire library in their knapsack, but where’s the book smell? The cover art? The feel of it in their hands? Perhaps they’re feeling a bit too smug as they swipe their finger along that glossy surface instead of struggling with the bent up edges of a beautifully worn, second-hand tome. Help them ease into the modern age with a cover that will make their bookish heart flutter and the child inside them go, “Squeeeeee!”


Companion Gift: Middle Earth Map Leggings

Because they’re going to need something awesome to wear while they snuggle in their blanket fort and imagine Falcor is on the way.

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