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Anime BD Review: Coppelion: The Complete Series


©Tomonori Inoue・Kodansha / COPPELION Committee

By Emil Favila, Reporter

Set in a post apocalyptic future, Coppelion tells the story of Ibara, Aoi, and Taeko, three girls who are genetically engineered for the purpose of finding those left behind in Japan’s aftermath.  Coppelion: The Complete Series features all 13 episodes from the team that brought us “K“.  The Blu-ray set is composed of the series divided into 2 discs and another 2 discs for the DVD version for those who want to watch it on their laptop to go.  Bonus art gallery and alternate endings are also included.  Overall a very nice but tight package!

(C)Tomonori Inoue・Kodansha/COPPELION Committee

(C)Tomonori Inoue・Kodansha/COPPELION Committee

The meaning of Coppelion is explained in episode 2 when the girls are in search of a missing girl.  Coppelion is taken from the word Coppélia, a doll named after it’s inventor, Dr. Coppelius.  The full story of Coppelia can be found here.  Coppelion is about how Ibara and the girls cope with the purpose of their creation and their desire to prove they are more than just ‘dolls’.

(C)Tomonori Inoue・Kodansha/COPPELION Committee

(C)Tomonori Inoue・Kodansha/COPPELION Committee

Coppelion is a story about discovery.  It is not just about the existence of survivors in this post-apocalyptic tale, but the meaning behind the lives of the Coppelion and the people around them.  Taeko is the most accepting of her existence, while Aoi really wants to be human.  Ibara mostly accepts her purpose in life, but slowly begins to question it as the story progresses.  Character development within this short 13 episode run is what drives the series. Character are never static and each girl’s unique abilities are revealed as the episodes go on.

(C)Tomonori Inoue・Kodansha/COPPELION Committee

(C) Tomonori Inoue・Kodansha/COPPELION Committee

Coppelion is not afraid to offend the audience.  From the early episodes, the writers make it clear that every ending will not necessarily be a happy one for everyone involved.  All the reason to tune in if you don’t like predictability like myself.

The girls of Coppelion are described as both “angels” and “monsters” by the people they come across.  For those they save, they are described as “angels” because they are without hazmat suits while remaining beautiful and unharmed. For those they oppose, they are described as “monsters” because of the absence of hazmat suits which is considered the norm in this future contagious environment.  For the girls, they have no concept of what civilization was like before the fallout.  I really enjoyed how Coppelion unraveled how the people of the future would receive the girls from both humans and other Coppelion.  That aspect definitely made for a very interesting dynamic.

(C)Tomonori Inoue・Kodansha/COPPELION Committee

(C)Tomonori Inoue・Kodansha/COPPELION Committee

Coppelion: The Complete Series is one you can sit down and really binge watch.  The episodes are short and sweet and hold the viewers interest.  I personally wish there were more episodes, but I’ll take quality over quantity any day.  Coppelion is a very well written series.  You should definitely pick up your copy at Amazon today!

Rating: ★★★★½
ComicsOnline gives Coppelion: The Complete Series 4.5 out of 5 vaccines.

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