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Comic Review: Lenore Pink Bellies


by Joe Iconic, Reporter



Packed with the series’ usual irreverent and Gothically surreal humor and hi-jinx, this collection is a game changer for Lenore. To celebrate her 20th anniversary, Roman Dirge embarked on an epic new chapter in the life of the cute little dead girl. Featuring a slow-burning, four-issue story arc that not only reveals the untold origins of the ultra-sinister and deadly-mysterious Taxidermy but also pitches him into a titanic fight to the death with Lenore’s best buddy, Ragamuffin. Whatever happens, one of them is going on an all-expenses-paid vacation into the afterlife!

Collecting together Issues 8-11, this four-issue story arc slowly reveals Taxidermy’s past while pitching Lenore into a series of increasingly silly and ridiculous adventures, from avoiding the attentions of a Ghostbusting film crew to giving a mayfly the best day of its short life.


Lenore: Pink Bellies is a nihilistic joyride!   Imagine Invader Zim meets Adult Swim!   Courage the Cowardly Dog meets Coraline on Colorado Kush! Tim Burton and Seth MacFarlane have a very tattooed baby who writes comics! Deep down, many of us suspect there is a circle of Hell reserved for the pathologically sarcastic. When I get there, I will be in good company with Roman Dirge. Roman Dirge continues his tradition of subverting pop culture icons, cultural figures, and misdirected nursery rhymes into wonderful, wonderful dark comedy.

Special note: Don’t let the cute Goth girl fool you!   If you see Lenore Pink Bellies in your local comic shop anywhere close to the All-Ages collection, politely but assertively recommend to the nearest store employee that it be moved far, far away.  Or better yet, just buy it to enjoy this guilty pleasure, and tell yourself you are doing it to protect the children. Lenore: Pink Bellies is highly recommended for those who watch the same horribly inappropriate adult cartoons that I do, with a dash of the macabre.

For the uninitiated, Lenore: Pink Bellies is an Edgar Allen Poe inspired, black comedy infused tale about an undead girl, her odd friends, and their improbable adventures.   And one very unfortunate bear.  The masterstroke of this volume is that it is a perfect jumping on point for those unfamiliar with this troubled, troubling little girl. The gag about Mr. Gosh may have been even funnier if you have read the previous volumes, but otherwise, just come along for the ride. If you are not offended by Family Guy, you’ll appreciate Lenore.


Lenore: Pink Bellies is recommended as a collected work to better appreciate the running gag. (That poor bear!) One can’t help but to wonder if Roman Dirge’s experience as a magician comes to play, as the ability to lead the audience is as polished as the best performer’s show.

Lenore: Pink Bellies is twisted, rotten and wonderfully horrible in all my favorite ways. Roman Dirge continues to deliver. Flashback Squirrel’s madcap recap is worth the price of admission alone. And if absolutely nothing else, there is that poor, poor bear…

Rating: ★★★★★

ComicsOnline gives Lenore: Pink Bellies 5 of 5 undead Goth girls.


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