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The Flash – Season 3: Interview with Carlos Valdes (Cisco Ramon/VIBE)

The Flash

by Gema Luna (Assistant Editor) and Matt Sernaker (Managing Editor),

ComicsOnline continues with more interviews with the cast of The Flash! Next up is our interview with Carlos Valdes, best known as Cisco “Vibe” Ramon. We spoke with Valdes at San Diego Comic-Con 2016, and he discussed “Flashpoint”, the impending CW crossover event, and the joys of working with the talented cast and crew of The Flash. Enjoy the interview below:

CV: The press room…the center of overwhelming reporting. This whole thing is so fun to me, because I have to find creative and ridiculous ways to answer questions with a question…so here we go!

CO: What went through your mind when you read the script for “Flashpoint”?

CV: I think the time between the finale of the previous season and the premiere of a new one   is the time when the most rumors tend to circulate, and people start to talk the most. I sort of knew what they were planning to pitch, so I was kind of expecting the surprises that they have in store for the premiere. Actually reading it, and actually witnessing what they have planned…it’s so cool. Let’s put it this way, I’m really lucky to have this job. There are tons of surprises and new colors that we get to render and explore. When you are exploring something new, especially with this show, its easy to fall into the trap of wondering how the facts are going to react…and freak out to a degree. At this point, I have so much trust with in our writers, our team, and my fellow actors that I am pretty sure that it is gonna be bad ass. I think fans are gonna like it.

CO: Can you tell us if there are going to be changes to your character after the events of Barry changing the timeline?

CV: Oh yeah. BIG changes. I think that you are going to get to see that right out of the gate in the first episode.

CO: Do you know if there are any “Cisco-centric” episodes this season?

CV: You know, it my mind, they are ALL Cisco-centric episodes. This show should be called VIBE…if you’re asking me. I’m kidding, I’m not that narcissistic. I think that there are always opportunities for Cisco to steal the scene or take a moment. So far we are only on episode two, but every episode has great moments of Cisco taking focus and giving dimension to the whole. I think Cisco definitely takes on a more active role in the team’s dynamic.

CO: Who are you most excited to work with in this year’s crossover?

CV: I’d love to work with Jeremy Jordan (from Supergirl). I always say it, but he’s such a great guy. It’s a dynamic that I think people really want to see for some reason. It’s crazy. The Winn/Cisco dynamic…I think it would be great.

The Flash returns on Tuesday, October 4th on The CW.

The Flash

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