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SDCC 2016: Comic Con Cosplayers Were Out in Force!

by David Pomeranz, Photographer

Comic Con 2016 has arrived!  Within the last few years, Cosplay has become an art form as opposed to simply dressing up as one’s favorite character.  Back in the day, Halloween was the only viable costuming day.  But Comic Con has ushered in this new art form and taken it to an entirely different level.  Now, Halloween even takes a back seat to Comic Con.  The costumes are intense, insane, amazing and quite often over the top.  The experience of witnessing these cosplayers cannot be overstated.  It is quite a visual spectacle and fortunately for us, Comic Con is The Place to show off one’s skill and creativity.  Take a look at a sampling of cosplayers from the 2016 Comic Con…..

Attention to Detail!

Now here’s a message I can get behind. Wait….

Dino Hunters out in force

These guys are a blast!


As long as he’s not outside of my office, we’ll call it good.


Sort of a walking Near Death Experience.


I’ll stick to using my cell phone.

Does this mean there’s a plague?


Most Excellent.

I want to party with this guy.


Staff Member Alex wants to fight.

He’s in charge, apparently.

I’m pretty sure this guy sponsored the “eat more peepol” guys!

I always suspected Batman was Canadian.

The Cowardly Lion is back and badder than ever!



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