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Convention Photos: The Crowd

by Jorge Jones, Photographer


It’s always a good week in San Diego when Comic Con International comes to town. Me personally, this is my holiday, it’s even better than Christmas!  I remember back in the day 1984 through out the 90’s, when no one but us really cared about this event. They were always calling us nerds and geeks….  hahaha!  Now those same people who made fun of us are the first ones trying to get in!  Too funny!  Seeing Comic-Con then and watching it blow up throughout the years makes me happy, not only because I love comic book art, its also because I love the people. Meeting people as they break out of their normal day lives and watch their inner childhood superhero or fantasy characters come to life as they dress in cosplay without the worries of people making fun or name calling is a great feeling.  Comic-Con is five days of being who you want to be, being free and feeling AWESOME!


Whether you have a 4 day pass or 2 day pass, or no entry badge at all, doesn’t matter, people fly in from all over the world just to witness and be a part of THE San Diego Comic Con. Dressed up in cosplay or just there to people watch, there’s never a dull moment in downtown San Diego during Con.


Comic-Con San Diego 2017 is just around the corner, Who will you bump into?



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