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Podcast: Pirate Radio- The Smooth Sailing Files

by Mike Lunsford, Editor

ComicsOnline Pirate Radio Season 3 Episode 10- The Smooth Sailing Files: The Moving Playlist.

What are the “Smooth Sailing Files?” They were a series of podcasts we did a few months ago where we talk about music and created playlists on Spotify. I finally got around to cleaning them up and making them suitable for your listening enjoyment. Our first episode was “The Moving Playlist.”

Mike and JDilla create a playlist of their favorite songs that are emotionally charged or all spectrums; happy, sad, love songs, and more. Make sure you follow our playlist on Spotify: The Moving Playlist


But wait, there’s more! There are three more episodes featuring these playlists we created:

  • Episode 11 – Hair Bands
      • Mike, EK, Steve, and J-Dilla talk about their favorite hair bands and define what is and what isn’t “hair music.” Here’s that playlist: Hair Bands to the max!

  • Episode 12 – The 97 Playlist (and our teenage crushes)
      • Mike and J-Dilla talk about the awesome year in music that was 1997. They also discuss their celebrity crushes from when they were younger. Don’t forget to check out our playlist on Spotify: ’97 Playlist

  • Episode 13 – Moving Playlist Pt 2 “BubbaTot Jenkins”
      • Mike, Steve and JDilla go back to the Moving Playlist, discussing their favorite songs that are emotionally powerful. They also go into which gas station eatery is better: Wawa or Sheetz? 

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Mike is an editor at ComicsOnline and a co-host on the ComicsOnline podcast. He's from the DC area in Virginia. He's also the co-creator of the comic book, Ethan Stone P.I.

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