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SDCC 2017: Bandai America Morphs Everyday People Into Super-Charged Heroes at SDCC

Press Release: 

Bandai America Morphs Everyday People Into Super-Charged Heroes at SDCC, booth #3535 

Bandai America is delivering a strong dose of tanoshii to San Diego Comic-Con attendees this week by hosting a variety of experiential activities including Dragon Ball Super and Saban’s Power Rangers GIF makers; an interactive game for super sleuths who want to get their hands on a very special toy (hint: the toys rhyme with “mama”); a social promotion for virtual SDCC attendees who are following each day’s events; and more.  Following are the details of the company’s activity line-up:

Dragon Ball Super Video Creator & Saban’s Power Rangers Video Creator – Bandai’s booth will feature an interactive video experience that will take fandom a step beyond cosplay – allowing attendees to become powerful Dragon Ball Super and Power Rangers characters.  In the activation, fans can step in front of an alternate Earth backdrop and then act out the iconic power build-up and stance of Dragon Ball Super’s “Super Saiyan Goku.” Fans can also pose in front of the “Power Rangers Command Center” and morph into their favorite Power Ranger, because “It’s Morphin Time!”

Fans will then receive a custom video of their transformation via text, which they can seamlessly share across their social channels.

Tamagotchi Time! – Interested in being among the only people in the country to own this highly coveted Japanese Edition virtual pet?  Super sleuths should check out the @bandaiamerica Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages on Tuesday (July 18) for more information. The fan who solves the final clue first will receive directions for claiming their virtual pet…and hard earned bragging rights;)

Social Media Promotion – Fans who can’t visit the Bandai America booth at SDCC will also have the chance to get in on the action by sharing the company’s posts or by tagging @bandaiamerica Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  Each day, two lucky winners will be chosen at random to win a Dragon Ball Super or Power Rangers Show Exclusive Toy. 

In case you missed the announcement about our show exclusive toys, they are listed below:

  • Dragon Stars Super Saiyan Goku – Ultimate Deco Edition ($35.00)
  • Limited Edition: Legacy Communicator Zeo Gold Ranger Edition ($100.00)
  • Limited Edition: Legacy Movie Megazord ($40.00)
  • Limited Edition: Tokyo Vinyl® Black and Gold Mighty Morphin Megazord ($60.00)
  • Ultra Deluxe Scouter – Ultimate Deco Edition ($25.00)

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