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ComicsOnline Spotlight: The Power Knights, by Keithan Jones (Kid-Comics)

by Matt Sernaker, Managing Editor

After escaping from the mystical control of maniacal King Sinoj, the team of Metal Star, Bluzara, Dragon Blaze, Camouflage, Warseed, and Princess Ozana Raxi have travelled the cosmos and escaped to Earth. Can these powerful beings put their past behind them and create a new life on this foreign world? The Power Knights, an original comic endeavor from creator Keithan Jones and co-writer C.R. Ward is now underway! 

The first arc of The Power Knights is titled “Unbounded”, which introduces readers to the Knights, as well as humans Kandle Watson and his brother Davion. When one of the Knights breaks their agreement to remain in hiding amongst the inhabitants of Earth, the remaining Knights must come together to stop their former associate. What secrets lie below Zretti Tower, and what role will the Watson Brothers play in reuniting the alien warriors? The history of The Power Knights will soon be revealed, and their past actions will come back to haunt them.
This original concept was envisioned by creator Keithan Jones when he was 11 years old. Now he has the opportunity to bring this childhood dreams to life on the page via his own comic imprint, Kid-Comics. “In those years, creating comics on a professional level was just a dream. I felt I owed my younger self the opportunity to make it a reality”. In terms of character designs, each of the Knights features a unique look. You can tell that Jones has a deep appreciation for the works of Jack Kirby, but Jones’ style also has hints of Todd MacFarlane. The contrast between the characters and their distinctive color tones work perfectly within the story as well. 
Having read the first few issues of The Power Knights, I can say that I am extremely interested to see where the story goes. This is a fresh and original story. While the first issue featured a lot of setup, the following issues were rich with history and action packed moments. Jones has created a vivid world for his characters, and I think that readers will find that this series is something special. I look forward to the end of this arc, and the following planned stories set in this universe.
The Power Knights – Issues 1-3 are currently available at Kid-Comics.com and Comickaze Clairmont and Comickaze Liberty Station in San Diego, CA. You can also check out issues 1-2 on Comixology.
For more details on The Power Knights, check out our full interview with Keithan Jones on the ComicsOnline Official Facebook Page.
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