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SDCC 2017: The Flash – Danielle Panabaker Interview

by Matt Sernaker, Managing Editor
ComicsOnline is back with more interviews with the cast and crew of The Flash! A cold front has set in, and we are pleased to share our interview with Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost). Panabaker teased a bit of her character’s role in season four, as well as the relationship dynamic between her and Julian, and the action from the end of season three! Check out our full round table interview below:
ComicsOnline: You went all out villain at the end of the season, but then we got a little glimpse at Caitlin’s humanity. How is she dealing with the team dynamics moving into the new season?

Danielle Panabaker: Who is SHE? (Laughs). Here’s what I can tell you about season four – those who love Caitlin Snow wont be disappointed and those who love Killer Frost wont be disappointed. CO: We enjoyed Caitlin’s relationship with Julian last season, specifically how he was trying to bring the good out in her. Are we going to get to see more of that or is she going to be totally solo?

DP: What I liked about season three and her relationship with Julian in particular was that she was a little hesitant with him. I feel like her relationship with Jay was something she jumped into very quickly. With Julian she got to be hesitant and honest with him and say that she was scared and she needed to take care of myself before I’m ready to be in a relationship. 


Did you notice how I really didn’t answer that question at all? (Smiles).


CO: I feel like another really important relationship for Caitlin is with Cisco. How is her relationship with Cisco going to be affected in season four?

DP: I think we have already seen how much their relationship has been affected, but I do have to say that Caitlin and Cisco’s relationship is one of my favorites and that it is so platonic and that there is so much love for each other. They really do have each others backs.

CO: Let’s talk the action at the end of last season. You got heavily involved with Savitar. How was it getting to step into the action scenes, especially against Cisco?

DP: It was awesome. I wanted to do more. I think it was the season finale where they were like you get to do one blast here and another blast there, and I was like, that’s it? They said we cant afford to do anything else. But I was like “I want to play!”. We have an unbelievable stunt crew and I hope I get the opportunity to do more cool stuff with them.

CO: More stunt training yourself?

DP: Killer Frost’s powers were a lot of special effects, and it’s all Armin and his team and they do an unbelievable job. I think it was episode 19, Killer Frost going through the city was unbelievable and so cool. I loved that…and I did none of that! I stood on a green screen and looked over my shoulders and they made me look fabulous. I loved it.

CO: Was doing those fight scenes with your practical makeup and wig difficult?

DP: It’s definitely challenging…The contacts are actually the most challenging part of it. They block a lot of light out and my prescription is really bad. It gets dark and treacherous in the woods at night, so it can definitely be a challenge. It keeps life interesting.

Special thanks to Danielle Panabaker for her time at SDCC 2017.
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