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SDCC 2017: The Flash – Tom Cavanagh Interview

by Matt Sernaker, Managing Editor
ComicsOnline is back with more interviews with the cast and crew of The Flash! Season Four is quickly approaching, and we are pleased to share our round table interview with Tom Cavanagh (Harrison/Harry/H.R. Wells). Cavanagh discussed the evolution of his character over the previous seasons, what to expect in the upcoming episodes, and more! Check out our full interview below:

ComicsOnline: So we are really glad that the show quickly established that you would still be in season four…

Tom Cavanagh: I thought that you were going to go with “you’re really dead and we’re glad your character was killed”…and I was like what? That’s really mean and rude of you…. Yeah. It’s tough to kill off a guy when there is a multiverse of guys to choose from. You know what I mean? That’s one thing they’ve established very well. “Look! You’re dead, but there’s another earth! Hey look, you’re alive!” “What’s that guy like?” “I don’t know…”

CO: We’ve seen all these different versions of Wells, maybe more versions of him than anyone else on the show…

TC: It’s amazing that the show is still on the air and not cancelled because of that (laughs). It’s great. Ostensibly Flash is going to be a long running show and anytime you are on one of those shows, its a complete rarity as you know. The idea that you aren’t just playing the same guy year after year after year and its done organically. For me, its been a massive privilege. I signed on to the show to be the antagonist (the Reverse-Flash) but you cant tell that story every episode or even every season. You’re going to have to run into Lex Luther basically, and we know that ultimately I will have to keep putting on that yellow suit and that’s great. In the meantime, I get to be a British Wells or whatever Wells that we decide to do.
CO: Was there an iteration of Wells that you have enjoyed more than others?

TC: That’s a great question. Not to be politically correct, but I really enjoyed all the different versions. What I hear from the fans is that there was an episode last year where we did a bunch of different ones really quickly and they just assumed that those guys are going to come back and I was like…no. We aren’t going to do Hells-Wells…because he can’t string a sentence together. Tom Felton already had the great British accent and you can have a mime…I don’t think…I get paid by the word and I’m pretty voluble so I don’t think a mime is going to work for anybody. THAT would get the show cancelled. It’s a long season and there are tons of Earths out there with many things to pick from. We try and pick one that is going to serve the show well. Harry was great in season two because Grant is so winning and Carlos is so winning and Danielle is so winning, so we thought that if we had somebody who was a bit of a jackass…that would help us. In season three, we thought maybe if we had a little more humor since there are some dark things this year, maybe that would help us. We try and pick things where we might have a deficiency and try and improve that. 

CO: Has there been a push to go back to original Harrison Wells?

Not Wheelchair Wells. Like married to Tess Wells? It’s interesting that you brought that up because that hasn’t been brought up. I think that complicates the story for the writers, because it seems like an obvious move. But what would that be like? How does he enter into the story? AND he’s dead….Do you know what I mean? (Laughs).

Special thanks to Tom Cavanagh for his time at SDCC 2017.
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