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SDCC 2017: Supernatural – Jared Padalecki Interview


After a wicked Season 12 finale, all Supernatural fans eagerly await what’s to come with Season 13. With ComicsOnline, you’ll never fall behind with updates from the cast themselves. Our exclusive roundtable interview with Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) will have you up-to-date and ecstatic for the new season! Watch the interview below with reporter Alex Pomeranz for more!


— SDCC 2017 Jared Padalecki Interview:


Our first priority, of course, was to make sure Jared was having as much fun as we were this year at Comic Con.

Alex Pomeranz, ComicsOnline: How’s your con going?

Jared Padalecki: Really well! This is the most rested I’ve ever been Sunday of a con. We’ve been off since Wednesday. We did Conan O’Brian on Wednesday and I guess…

CO: Keg stand! That was nice!

JP: Yes! Which was, honest to god, a surprise. This wasn’t like ‘Oh! Lets have this stunt!’ … So as soon as Conan was like “y’all had a birthday tradition,” I knew what that tradition was like “I’m not going to say that on national television!” So, he sold me out. But it was a lot of fun!

— Watch Jared Padalecki conquer his birthday keg stand on CONAN here:


CO: How do you think the boys are going to cope with the loss of dear Crowley, your favorite demon friend?

JP: (laughs) I think it was the same answer for Sam where he’s focused on something else but I think it’s almost the way they felt with Bobby. When Bobby passed, not that Crowley was the same as Bobby, but Crowley sacrificed himself for the boys. It was like a very… Snape… kinda, you know what I mean? Like is he evil? At the very end, he dies and sacrificed himself for the greater good. It’s a great redemption story. So, they’re bummed, but it’s almost like, I’ve said often about how I, personally, Jared, feel about when Bobby died. I hated seeing Bobby go, but what a great way to go. The episode is fantastic and he kicked ass.

A special thanks to Jared Padalecki for taking a moment to talk to us at SDCC!

Watch the Season 13 premiere of Supernatural October 12th on the CW!



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