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SDCC 2017: Supernatural – Misha Collins Interview

After a wicked Season 12 finale, all Supernatural fans eagerly await what’s to come with Season 13. With ComicsOnline, you’ll never fall behind with updates from the cast themselves. Our exclusive roundtable interview with Misha Collins (Castiel) will have you up-to-date and ecstatic for the new season! Watch the interview below with reporter Alex Pomeranz for more!


— SDCC 2017 Misha Collins Interview:


Even though we’re all itching to know the fate of Castiel, we couldn’t help but ask about the fate of Misha’s world-wide scavenger hunt, GISHWHES. 


Unapologetic selfie with our favorite (and disgruntled) angel!

Alex Pomeranz, ComicsOnline: I’m back to hassle you out of another pedicab.

Misha Collins: Thank you for that.

CO: Of course!


Which actually happened! Alex ran into Misha late after Comic Con Saturday in downtown San Diego as he was getting into a pedicab and couldn’t resist a pre-interview picture.


CO: Well, enough about Castiel. How about you?

MC: Thank you.

CO: We love you so much. We’ve been super interested! I’ve been a part of GISHWHES since the start and so when you started saying there would be no more GISHWHES, I had a heart attack. I was crying. I cry about everything, though.

MC: Did you really cry?

CO: Yeah! You have no idea the amount of times I’ve cried over you.

MC: Oh my god, I’m so sorry.

CO: It’s embarrassing, so I hassled you out of a pedicab.

MC: Oh! Yeah!

CO: That’s right. Same dress, I washed it though, don’t worry.

MC: Yeah, so this is the last GISHWHES. Actually, tomorrow is the last day of registration, so if anyone wants to help me plug it… GISHWHES is a totally awesome thing that gets some sort of magically and organically evolved over the last several years into the largest scavenger hunt – or sort-of a scavenger hunt I would say; Definitely a lot more than that – in the world. I just posted this video this morning that was sent to me by this incredible photographer that lost three limbs to an IED and he still travels the world documenting refugee camps so he’s just an awesome guy. He helped us find these families that in last year’s GISHWHES, we helped kinda save.. These families were stuck in a refugee camp and the video he sent this morning was of the families moving into their new homes. And I, just, I bawled. I cried this morning. It was really amazing. And so I’m really proud of this game that we play that does these awesome things. And that people who participated in seem to have such a transformative and awesome time playing. So, try it out!


A special thanks to Misha Collins for taking a moment to talk to us at SDCC!

Watch the Season 13 premiere of Supernatural October 12th on the CW!

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