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Here it is folks, you can listen to ComicsOnline’s podcasts LIVE!!! In conjunction with FXBG Pirate Radio, you are now able to listen to our podcasting shenanigans as we’re recording them! 

fxbgPirateRadio is on Mixlr



If you weren’t able to listen live, you can always pick us up via iTunes! Here are the links to all of our shows

  • ComicsOnline Podcast – the original show! Join your host Kevin Gaussoin, editor-in-chief of ComicsOnline.com as he brings you interviews with celebrities, commentary on the goings on in the world of movies, TV, comics, video games and much more. Remember, “for everything geek pop culture, this is ComicsOnline!” 
  • ComicsOnline Pirate Radio – remember those talk shows that used to be on the radio? You can find ComicsOnline’s unique spin on that right here. Host Mike Lunsford talks about a variety of topics; from music, sports, the paranormal, all with that “geek pop culture” flavor. He’s joined by regulars Steve Monnich, Kevin Gaussoin, Erik Meyer, Andy Bartsch, J-Dilla, and EK the DJ, the best engineer a podcast could ask for. Tune in and enjoy!
    • The Endless Sandwich – a show within a show, if you will. Pirate Radio regular Erik Meyer brings his expertise as a classically trained chef to discuss eating healthy, eating like a “damn-hell-ass king,” and doing it on a budget. Joining the crew for “Endless Sandwich” is Jenalee Schenk, a graduate in food studies and nutrition to liven up the flavor of the show. 
  • The Time Lards! – From the crew that brings you ComicsOnline Pirate Radio, the Time Lards is a nostalgic look back at geek pop culture from years past. Mike Lunsford, Kevin Gaussoin, Steve Monnich, and EK the DJ go back in time and look at the big events in the news, comics, movies, TV, sports, and music from each year of the decade.
  • Less Than 3 – Less Than 3 is a relationship podcast meant for the modern world. The cast of Mike, EK the DJ, JDilla, and many more talk about love, sex, marriage, polyamory, LGBT topics, friendship, breakups and so much more. As EK the DJ puts it “you can’t multiply when you divide by zero.”

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