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Nintendo DS Game Review: Dragon Ball Origins

The Dragon Ball franchise has a deep and lasting following going all the way back to 1988 with Dragon Ball: Daimaō Fukkatsu. Dragon Ball: Origins takes you back to the beginning of the saga. You start out as a young Goku training by your self. Out on a training hike, you see your first car and believing it is a Monster you blow it up. A girl comes out and shoots you a few times, but because of your shin is like iron it has no effect. This girl is none other than Bulma and this is your first meeting. Goku takes Bulma home and that is were Bulma discovers that Goku has the Four Star Dragon Ball and she tries to get him to give it up because she on a quest to find all seven of them to be able to make a wish. There is no way Goku would give it up, so they decide to work together to find them and the joint quest and lifelong friendship begins.

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Nintendo DS Game Review: Bleach The Blade of Fate

In Bleach: The Blade of Fate you have to first go though the basic Story Mode, which is set during the first time in the Soul Society. Playing as Ichigo you go through levels, fight the people in your way, and then save Rukia, which can be relatively hard if you don’t read the cut scenes . When you’ve completed that, things get fun, and easier. New characters are unlocked for Arcade mode Versus mode. You also unlock some of the Extras and the rest of the story modes. There are a total of 23 story modes, each based on a different character and the last one is the really long conclusion of Episode 1. I quite enjoy the multiple Story modes you unlock and the character available.

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