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As of April 2016, the ComicsOnline staff consists of the following personnel:

Kevin Gaussoin – Editor-in-Chief & Publisher
Matt Sernaker – Managing Editor & Director of Media Relations
Mike Favila – Editor
Mike Lunsford – Editor
Marc Lutz – Editor
Caitlin Littlefield – Photo Editor

Gema Luna – Assistant Editor
Brittany Valenzuela – Video Editor
Brittany Wolfe – Copy Editor

Ben “Zombie” Bedgood, Reporter
Emil Favila – Reporter
Joe Iconic – Reporter
Maju Marfori – Reporter
Alex Pomeranz – Reporter, Photographer
Megan Lehr – Reporter
Dakota Jeff – Reporter, Photographer
Daniel Reamer – Reporter, Photographer
Jorge Jones –  Photographer
David Pomeranz – Photographer
Joey Sima – Photographer
Momoko Roberts – Reporter
Chris Learned Kane – Reporter
David “Aussie Dave” Lobato – Reporter (Australia)
Zach McKay – Reporter
Charles Kibby – Reporter
Emerald Smith – Reporter

Bill Watters – Editor-at-Large (inactive)
Jayden Leggett – Editor-at-Large (Australia) (inactive)
Kerrie Hui – Editor-at-Large (Australia, Asia) (inactive)
Josie Hershel – Editor-at-Large, Graphic Designer
Erin Hatch – Editor-at-Large (inactive)
Kendrick Gaussoin – Editor-at-Large (inactive)
Jennifer Bay – Editor-at-Large (inactive)
Karl Madsen – Editor-at-Large (inactive)
Jason Varner – Editor-at-Large (inactive)
Chelsea Dee Doyle – Editor-at Large (inactive)
Karissa Barrows – Editor-at-Large (inactive)
Laurie Love – Editor-at-Large (inactive)
Josh Powell – Editor-at-Large (inactive)
Terrence St John – Editor-at-Large (inactive)
Sarah Powell – Editor-at-Large (inactive)
Caleb Paullus – Editor-at-Large (inactive)

Most of the above can be contacted via email by using their first name at this domain.

Interested in joining the ComicsOnline staff?

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