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PAX Aus 2014: Indie Games – Round 1

4PaxSignby Jayden Leggett, Editor

Being the super awesome bloke that I am, I thought it would be awfully noble to take away from my own PAX Aus 2014 enjoyment time to recommend a few sweet indie games that are coming out of Australia and New Zealand either right now or somewhere on the horizon. If you are attending PAX Aus at all this weekend, I strongly suggest swinging by the ANZ Indie Pavilion and experience some of these gems for yourself. Check back later for more indie games to keep an eye out for.

Armed and Gelatinous
A deceptively simple-looking multiplayer twin-stick shooter. Each player controls a floating glob, and must zip around space collecting weapons with which to defeat the other globs. Your timing when touching a weapon is important as it will automatically stick to whatever part of your glob that touches it, meaning that you will only be able to shoot in that direction. Thus, being greedy and collecting as many weapons as possible is the key. But beware! The more kills you get, the bigger you are, making yourself a much easier target. Cutesy graphics and no blood or gore means all ages can play this fun little title.


Rogue Singularity
A third-person platformer in which the player must guide a robot through procedurally generated levels consisting of multi-tiered platforms floating in space. One mistimed jump means falling into the abyss and restarting the level, and as if that weren’t bad enough, lasers, blades and other traps are there to make your travels all the more difficult. Each new level ups the difficulty and adds more traps, so never before has the phrase “look before you leap” held such meaning. Bonus points for the shiny metallic finish to the graphics.

Another game falling into the “deceptively simple-looking” category, Expand at its core is a puzzle game in which the player must guide a red square through an ever changing black and white maze. You have free reign over the white space, but the black will form a wall. I must admit, at first I thought the game was far too simple to be enjoyable, but the more I played and the more that the scenery would move and shift to further obstruct my travels, I found myself becoming strangely relaxed whilst playing. The fantastically arranged easy-going musical score further adds to the therapeutic nature of this game, so if you’re wanting to try something different, Expand is it.

That’s all for now folks, I hear more of that sweet gaming goodness calling out to me. Stay tuned for more photos and articles regarding this weekend’s PAX Aus 2014.


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