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Staff: Kevin Gaussoin, Editor-in-Chief

Kevin Gaussoin – Editor-in-Chief, Publisher, Owner, HMFIC

September 25th, 2000, Kevin Gaussoin fulfilled a geek dream of turning the web site of his local comic book shop into a comic book anchored geek pop culture web site.  Since then Kevin has redoubled his efforts to assemble the greatest group of geeks from around the country and around the globe to staff the ever-growing and evolving everything geek pop culture website that is ComicsOnline.com. Kevin is thrilled with his current staff on ComicsOnline but never satisfied. Kevin is always looking to recruit more like-minded geeks.

Kevin was born longer ago than you might think in San Diego, California. His geek roots come from an early predilection for comic book collection, which today results in over 60 long boxes of glory. Over his lifetime, Kevin has devoured thousands of hours of genre TV and movies, which is partly why ComicsOnline is so heavy in those categories. Kevin continues to enjoy the gaming world as well, evolving from Atari, C-64 and D&D to PS3, Mac OS and HeroClix and beyond. While it’s true that Kevin has won national championships in two video games (Civilization II and Carmageddon) his life today doesn’t have much room for gaming beyond occasional Rock Band 3 sessions with his bands Lesbiansin Wheelchairs or Cake or Death & Taxes. …Except maybe when it comes to mobile games like Pokémon Go. Or Fallout 4. 

In 2011, filmmaker Kevin Smith called Kevin Gaussoin “A true goddamn American hero.” Like his apparent role model Silent Bob, as an actor, Kevin is a man of few words. Kevin can be seen in the final scene in Slapdash but is of course best known for his emphatic “Neil Gaiman” in Morgan Spurlock’s Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope.

Even after all the growth the site has undergone in the past few years, Kevin still loves to review Blu-rays and games, but his biggest reason for continuing to work on ComicsOnline.com is #SDCC. Kevin first attended Comic-Con in 1985 and while he’s moved away from his beloved San Diego a couple of times, he still hasn’t missed a Con since. 2014 was Kevin’s 30th Comic-Con in a row. If you’re throwing a party at Comic-Con, you should probably put Kevin on the list. And if you want to come to one of our parties, let us know. Everyone’s invited to our Annual Comic-Concert!

Not only has Kevin been involved in the past with the big show as special events coordinator among other roles, but he has also been fortunate enough to join or moderate programming panels at various geek pop culture conventions in 4 other states outside of California as well as the District of Columbia. Got a panel that needs moderating? Kevin can help you out with that.

One of Kevin’s favorite reviews he’s written was Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. His favorite classic ComicsOnline Podcast episodes include Season 9, Episodes 8 and 9, but he agrees with Dune that the current season of episodes is probably even more enjoyable to our listeners.

Kevin loves to host the ComicsOnline Podcast, and Co-host ComicsOnline Pirate Radio with Mike Lunsford but also hopes you will join us on our video shows.  Watch our weekly Top Five Comics show on Tuesday evenings on Facebook Live or catch all our video interviews in its current video incarnation on the Geek Pop Culture Network YouTube channel or visit our classic ComicsOnline YouTube channel for our older stuff (eventually you’ll see the return of all our stuff from the middle years rescued from the ill-fated ComicsOnline.blip.tv as well).

Kevin’s day job is pretty impressive. He could tell you more, but opsec, yo.

Contact Kevin by emailing his first name at this domain.


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