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Comic Review: Lake of Fire #1

    by Joe Iconic, Reporter Story By: Nathan Fairbairn Art By: Matt Smith Art By: Nathan Fairbairn SERIES PREMIERE! It is 1220 AD, and the gears of the Albigensian Crusade grind on. When an alien spacecraft infested with a ...

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Batman: A Family Tree

By Ben “Zombie” Bedgood Batman is a legend in his own right, aside from his reputation. He has one of, if not the largest family tree in the DC Comics’ universe. Compiling this list and all the appropriate characters was ...

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The History of R Rated Comic Movies

By: Ben “Zombie” Bedgood, Reporter Deadpool has been crushing box office numbers over the past few weeks, kind of like a boot on a sun-bleached skull. The excitement this has brought for the possibility of more R rated comic movies succeeding ...

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Comic Review: Harrow County #9

By Ben “Zombie” Bedgood, reporter If you’re ideal bedtime story consists of the most macabre tales from H.P Lovecraft or Edgar Allan Poe, then this might be the comic for you. As I started to read this comic, one thing I noticed was ...

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Comic Review: Paper Girls #1

by Joe Iconic, Reporter Paper Girls #1 is a joy ride via time capsule into 1988! The solicitations called it “Stand By Me meets War of the Worlds”, but this series will stand apart and transcend the tropes, as Brian ...

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