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SDCC 2017: Her Universe Fashion Show

by Emma Smith, Reporter, On July 20, 2017, Her Universe sponsored a geek themed fashion show  at San Diego Comic-Con. Twenty-five amateur fashion designers contributed designs inspired by everything from Star Wars to Stranger Things. Two walked away with the ...

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Movie Review: Wonder Woman

by Emma Smith, Reporter Princess Diana of Themyscira has arrived, and audiences are about to learn the true origin of Wonder Woman! To everyone who has been holding their breath and hoping Wonder Woman would be a good movie, you can relax. ...

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Movie Review: Their Finest

by Emma Smith (Reporter), As their world unravels around them, two British writers struggle to piece together a film about Dunkirk that is both emotionally authentic and effective propaganda. This is the axis around which Their Finest revolves, but the movie beautifully ...

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Movie Review: Kong: Skull Island

by Emma Smith, Reporter Take a story about man’s hubris in the face of Mother Nature, add some visual callbacks to Apocalypse Now, drop in CGI reminiscent of the best parts of Jurassic World, wrap it all in classic monster ...

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