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WonderCon 2013: Countdown to Destiny, a meeting with the Sweethearts of the Galaxy

With only $3,000 left to go, and with 24 hours remaining on the clock, the passionate cast and execs of the new webseries Sweethearts of the Galaxy have taken some time out of their busy day at WonderCon to sit with me and talk about their vision that’s been with them for years.

The premise of the series is something near and dear to the fantasies of many a cosplayer (as well as fans anywhere, really), what would it be like if superheros were real (or if it happened to you). As they describe it, Sweethearts of the Galaxy is a Web series about Katelyn, a woman who dresses up as galactic ranger Trinity Infinity.  At a comic book convention, she has a gnarly fall while faking a flying shot for a television news crew, and when she returns to consciousness … she believes she truly is Trinity Infinity.

Leading the charge is the cosplaying duo Kit Quinn and Tallest Silver, both stars of the national cosplay scene in their own right, but when together they combine to create a lighthearted pairing that is always an adventure to see what will happen next. They’ve gone from being California geek girls attending local conventions, to travelling the country as guests and speakers on the subject of cosplay as a hobby, and also advocates for women in fandom in general.

With a script written by Michael Premsrirat and the episodes being directed by Dexter Adriano, they talk about the genesis of the idea back in college, and now with their collaboration and the firming up of story arc and scripts it was time to take a leap off the deep end of the pool and try to bring their dream to being a reality.

There’s a lot of attempts at web series, but very few take hold (and most wither on the vine in production). That is in part what’s moved them to take the step of trying to make sure they have the resources needed to really produce a quality product that’s both professional, as well as still fun (a testament to the personalities involved). Anyone who talks to any one of the group will come away that they’re driven to create something that will take it to the next level.

They developed a range of tiers for their fundraiser to help give their backers rewards, ranging from visits to the set during production, custom costume creations, and lithographs donated and signed by none other than Stan Lee himself.

When we revisit our interview with them in a few days, we’ll know the results of their efforts. In less than a day now, the fundraiser will be over, and they’ll know if they made it across the finish line. It’s an exciting time, not just for them, but for anyone with a vision and a belief in themselves.


They keep glancing down at their phones, making keen use of the Kickstarter app, with every passing few minutes the number keeps creeping up towards their goal of $35,000. For me, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that I’d really love to see their faces when they check their phones one last time and see that they’ve reached this next step in their trip towards their dreams. From cosplayer to superheros, one step, and one donation, at a time.

Join in and donate to the effort – there’s not much time left, over at Kickstarter

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