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DVD Review: Regular Show – The Best DVD In The World (At This Moment In Time)

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by Jayden Leggett, Editor

If you are at all like me, your only exposure to Regular Show was through short advertisements that made it seem like a really deadpan humor kind of comedy. This is far from the case.

The best way to quickly describe this show is Beavis and Butt-Head meets Adventure Time. Rigby the raccoon and Mordecai the Blue Jay are the two main characters, and when they aren’t screwing around “working” at the park (where they also live), they are often lazing about watching television or playing videogames (clearly these guys are legends).

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At first I didn’t know what to make of this show, as the first episode seemed fairly grounded in reality (apart from the anthropomorphic and bizarre characters) when Mordecai and Rigby challenge Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost to a basketball match to determine who gets computer usage rights. Realistic enough so far, until an intergalactic basketball man flies down from outer space and instils Mordecai and Rigby with magical basketball powers.

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From that point on, I realized that this is a cartoon where anything can happen just because the writers thought it would be awesome, whether that be the characters getting teleported to an intergalactic jury for being “too cool”, or being chased through the forest by a deadly half man/half deer creature, or an epic laser musical instrument death battle featuring famous musicians from the future who have gone back in time to kill Rigby, who had legally changed changed his name to “Trashboat” and hence stole the popularity that would have belonged to these jealous musicians. Trippy, eccentric and awesome stuff!

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Initially I wasn’t very overwhelmed by the quality of the voice acting – not to say that it was bad, it just didn’t feel particularly awe-inspiring. My sentiments soon changed after watching a few more episodes. J. G. Quintel as the chilled-out Mordecai and William Salyers as the hyperactive Rigby were perfect for their roles. I always loved Sam Marin as both Benson (the humanoid gumball machine who is their cranky boss) and as the head-banging Muscle Man (who’s lame jokes always referred to his own mother). Who could forget the mighty Mark Hamil (Star Wars) as Skips, a gruff-spoken but infinitely wise and helpful immortal albino Gorilla. Oh, and then there’s Pops, the childishly innocent and proper gentleman with a massive head who likes to pay people with candy. I did mention that this show has no rules concerning reality, didn’t I?

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The vocal work of the non-main characters was also immensely enjoyable. It’s clear that these guys either love pitching or playing characters with cockney British accents, whether it be cockney rockers from the future, a David Bowie-esque member of the Intergalactic Cool Council, or Death himself (who’s cockney-rocker inspired character is by far my most favorite representation of the Grim Reaper ever). And I always get a kick when other vocal superstars (such as the ever-talented Steve Blum) lend their voices to the occasional episode.

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Overall this DVD collection is a very worthwhile investment. While there were just a few two many bland montages for my liking, the quality of this DVD as a whole was solid stuff indeed. If you have any love at all for Adventure Time or Beavis and Butt-Head, you should really check out Regular Show – The Best DVD In The World (At This Moment In Time) if you have not already experienced this series, as it is a great sample pack to dive in to.

ComicsOnline recommends Australian and New Zealand residents purchase their copy of Regular Show – The Best DVD In The World (At This Moment In Time) directly from the Madman Entertainment website by following this link.

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Rating: ★★★★½

ComicsOnline gives Regular Show – The Best DVD In The World (At This Moment In Time) 4.5 out of 5 Weekend At Burnie’s parodies starring a humanoid gumball machine.

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