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ComicsOnline Podcast S15E30 – A Nice Handful of Things


Audio and Video by Marc Lutz – Video Edits by Brittany Valenzuela

SPOILER ALERT! You’re listening to the ComicsOnline Podcast. Season Fifteen. Episode Thirty. A Nice Handful of Things! Recorded April 21, 2015.

This episode, Kevin Troy and Megan are recorded by Marc Lutz at Flashback Comics and Games and also The Bungalow Alehouse, both in Woodbridge Virginia. Topics include  comics, TV, movies, games, and everything geek pop culture.


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Troy’s Picks:
• Uncle Scrooge #1
• Convergence #3
• Convergence The Flash #1 (Of 2)
• Convergence Hackman #1 (Of 2)
• Convergence Wonder Woman #1 (Of 2)

Kevin’s Picks:
• Lady Mechanika The Tablet Of Destinies #1 (Of 6)
• Avengers Operation Hydra
• Guardians Of The Galaxy And X-Men The Black Vortex Omega #1
• Star Wars #4
• Amazing Spider-Man #17.1
+1  True Believers The Infinity Gauntlet #1


About Us

The ComicsOnline Podcast part 1 (aka Flashback Top Five Comics) is news and commentary about our Top Five Comics each week. Please note that these comic books are chosen because they’re what we’re most looking forward to, and we probably haven’t read them yet, as they don’t go on sale until the morning after we shoot our show. Produced in partnership with Flashback weekly on location at Flashback Comics and Games , you can watch “Part Two” of each week’s show on blip.tv and listen to the complete audio version of both parts (when we get around to posting those) by subscribing to the ComicsOnline Podcast on iTunes (links below).

Part 2 each week is currently shot at The Bungalow Alehouse just down the street. Where Part 1 is similar to Flashback Comics’ previous YouTube show that focused almost exclusively on comic books, Part 2 is similar to previous seasons of the ComicsOnline Podcast where, drinks in hand, we talk conversationally about everything geek pop culture.

Hosts: Kevin Gaussoin and Troy-David Phillips
Producer, Camera, Audio: Marc Lutz
Video Editor: Brittany Valenzuela

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3062 PS Business Center Dr, Woodbridge, VA 22192
(703) 878-5934

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