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SDCC 2016: Comic Con’s Scariest Cosplayers!

Scariest Cosplay

by David Pomeranz, Photographer

Halloween is right around the corner. Looking for costumes is easy as looking back to some of the Cosplayers at this year’s Con. If you thought Halloween was scary, you did not attend this year’s Comic Con.  The annual Comic Convention is now making Halloween take a back seat when it comes to really terrifying costumes!  There appeared to be a roughly equal mixture of traditional boogie men such as Michael Myers, Freddie, and Jason, and new, clever and genuinely frightening creatures.  It would be fun to see a Scary Cosplay contest next year.  Although the criteria for selecting a winner may be entirely subjective, there could be awards for traditional (Frankensteins and the like), sci-fi (Cylons, and perhaps someone will do a really killer Borg!), slasher, monsters, skeletons, zombies, and the best category of all:  creepy (angels, Slenderman, etc.).  There are probably many other categories as well.  Maybe if enough people show interest, the powers that be might turn Preview Night into Fright Night.  Take a look at the sampling from this year’s graveyard and then sleep with the lights on!

This is frightening in an alien kinda way

Here’s the scariest of them all

Staff Member Alex is used to getting her way.


Should you be in need of medical treatment…..

He doesn’t look particularly friendly


Here’s the winner in the category: Monster!

Here’s a serious customer.

You don’t want to wake up to this guy at 3AM.

Michael Myers. A classic.




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