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Comic-Con 2009: Sunset Comic from Prime Dimension Studios

Yesterday I stopped by the Prime Dimension Studio’s booth in the Small Press area of the Comic-Con.  PDS is showcasing their first comic Sunset this year, and I had the chance to speak with artist Robert P. Seavello who filled me in on the storyline.  The comic is set in the city of Sunset, where a physics experiment gone awry has caused interdimensional portals to begin popping open all over the city.  Of course the occupants of these other dimensions tend wander through the portals, and inevitably some of them are less than friendly.

Tonight I had the chance to read issue 1, billed on the cover as an “Oversized First Issue”.  The storyline by writer Patrick Koepke teases the reader with just enough information about heroes Crossfade and Fusion, their powers and their situation, to whet the appetite for more issues.  Several supporting characters are introduced briefly enough to have you wondering how they got involved, and it’s clear that there is quite a bit of back-story to look forward to in future issues.  Add the endless possibilities of multiple dimensions and you have a recipe for some potentially great stories.
The art by Robert P. Seavello(pictured below) has great attention to detail, from the sign in Gaelic on the wall of the Irish pub and the notes on the whiteboards in the labs, to the image of the reporter reflected in the cameraman’s lens.  A lot of thought and effort was clearly put into every frame.  Also, the production quality of the comic is fairly high-grade, with thick, glossy pages and vibrant color.
As a first offering, I think the team at PDS has a lot of potential for success with Sunset.  Issue 2 will be available soon, and Sunset was recently listed in Enemi Entertainment's Comics! catalog.  You can visit PDS at the Comic-Con in the Small Press Pavilion at location L14 or online at http://www.sunsetcomicbook.com/

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