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Convention Photos: The Walking Dead Press Conference

by Jorge Jones, Photographer


At Comic Con International San Diego 2016 I was invited to join a special event: The Walking Dead Press Conference.

It’s interesting meeting people you’ve never seen before, especially when  the people you happen to meet are on an awesome television series called The Walking Dead.  I must confess, I’d never seen the series before, I’d just heard stories about the show and people raving about it… So basically I was clueless as to who I was about to take pictures of.


The press room was silent, … then the cast walked in the room and the interview began. So many journalists filled the room, each reporter anxious to unleash waves of questions. I and all the other photographers are just trying to capture the moment.  As the interview goes on, the story started to capture me. I was listening, and it started getting intriguing. I thought to myself, “Should I put on my ear muffs so I don’t get  spoiled? Do I try to zone out and just focus on photos? Dang! Now I want to watch The Walking Dead from the beginning!”


How did the Zombies come about? Who will be my favorite character? And if I were in a zombie apocalypse, what would I do?  Anyway, toward the end of the interview session, all I wanted to do was meet these amazing actors and actresses and take selfies with them.


If you haven’t yet watched the AMC television series The Walking Dead do it! Have a marathon weekend of the show to get caught up and ready for what’s to come. ‘Cause it’s going to be a shocker!


Comic-Con San Diego 2017 is just around the corner and I can’t wait return to photograph the cast again now that I’m finally caught up on The Walking Dead.


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