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Editorial: Who is Jessica Jones?


by Chelsea Dee, Editor-at-Large It’s no real surprise to me that Marvel and Netflix chose very specific characters for their special mini-series. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist are all street fighters who prefer to stick to New York and ...

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Editorial: Who is Daredevil?


by Chelsea Dee, Editor-at-Large I grew up in a comic book store. Literally. My parents owned one from before I was born, and we had the business through my high school experience. I started working there on the weekends and ...

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Why Cosplayers Count: Courtney


by Joe Iconic, Reporter One of the most perplexing comic book community controversies is the “fake geek girl” discussion, which largely dismisses cosplayers as fans. From artists to authors to fans, most agree there is room in the expanding pop ...

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ComicsOnline Podcast S15E07 – GamerWhat


Audio and Video by Marc Lutz SPOILER ALERT! You’re watching the ComicsOnline Podcast. Season Fifteen. Episode Seven. Gamer What?! Recorded October 21, 2014. This episode, Kevin and Troy-David (from Flashback Comics) are recorded by Marc Lutz at Flashback Comics and Games ...

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SDCC 2014: Vikings Cast Interviews


One of the highlights of any convention in the last two years has been interacting with the cast and crew of History Channel’s Vikings.  This year’sVikings Cast Interviews pressroom hour at San Diego Comic-Con International was no different, and featured official ...

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