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Andy’s Top 10 Video Games

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Andy Bartsch, Reporter Being a complete and total nerd, I like to drown myself in all things comic books, movies, and video games. I LOVE video games! Roughly about a year ago, Mighty Mike Lunsford asked me to write an ...

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Editorial: Team Cap


by Marc Lutz, Editor Before I get started, please keep in mind that first and foremost, Captain America: Civil War has not yet been released, and second, that this is an opinion piece. If you don’t like my opinions, that’s fine; ...

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Editorial: Team Iron Man


By Ben “Zombie” Bedgood Captain America: Civil War is right around the corner. The conflict between these two heroes has caused quite a bit of debate as to Team Iron Man or Team Captain America: a debate and rivalry that ...

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Batman: A Family Tree


By Ben “Zombie” Bedgood Batman is a legend in his own right, aside from his reputation. He has one of, if not the largest family tree in the DC Comics’ universe. Compiling this list and all the appropriate characters was ...

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Editorial: Star Trek Into Darkness, Crash and Burn?


In a new segment here at GGR, our resident crotchety old man Frank Landau is doing what we call an AAR. If you were ever in the military, you know that AAR stands for After Action Review, and that’s what these reviews are: a review after the fact, very after the fact. Frank is late to the party with recent movies and will review films that have been out for a while that he is just getting around to finally watching. His first review is Star Trek Into Darkness..

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