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Blu-ray Review: Supergirl: The Complete Second Season

by Matt Sernaker, Managing Editor

The Girl of Steel returns for more adventures with the release of Supergirl: The Complete Second Season on Blu-ray! After stopping a full blown Kryptonian invasion, Kara Zor-El found herself tracking down a mysterious life pod, similar to the one that she arrived in. Who is the mysterious Daxamite known as Mon-El, and what does his arrival mean for Supergirl? 


Episode Highlights 

  • “The Adventures of Supergirl”: It’s a bird. It’s a plane…Believe it or not, SUPERMAN has finally made his DCTV debut! The Man of Steel (Tyler Hoechin) arrives in time to assist his cousin with a damaged spacecraft suffering from sabotage. When a connection is made to LutherCorp, the duo investigate, only to encounter Lex Luthor’s sister Lena. Meanwhile, Project Cadmus is moving behind the scenes, taking action against the new head of L-Corp. Can Kara and Clark save Lena before it’s too late? 
  • “The Last Children of Krypton”: Supergirl and Superman must take on the newly created Metallo! The DEO continues searching for the leader of Project Cadmus, and with some help from the newly recruited Winn, Kara and Clark get some anti-kryptonite equipment to take on the new metal threat. Meanwhile at CatCo, Cat Grant decides to take a leave of absence and go find a new calling, leaving James and Snapper Carr in charge of the outlet, with Kara in the role of reporter!  
  • “Welcome to Earth”: One of the promises that the creative team made towards the end of the first season was that they wanted to have Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman) join the series as the President of the United States. Season 2 arrives, and they definitely delivered! President Olivia Marsdin has plans for Earth, and has offered amnesty to all alien visitors/refugees. When she comes under attack, it will be up to Supergirl to save the day.
  • “Supergirl Lives”: Director Kevin Smith (Clerks) takes the reigns for this special episode of Supergirl. When people start to disappear from National City, Kara and the DEO tie the kidnappings to an alien slave trade! With help from Mon-El, Kara heads to an alien world with a red sun, and finds that Roulette has returned and raised the stakes. Can two powerless heroes make the difference?
  • “Homecoming”: Jeremiah Danvers returns! After years of being held captive by Project Cadmus, Alex and Kara finally have their father back. Their excitement is short-lived, as Jeremiah discloses the fact that Cadmus has created a massive fusion bomb from energy released from Kara’s heat vision (event earlier in the season). The majority of the DEO accepts his claims and offer to assist with open arms, but Mon-El finds the sequence of events suspicious. His concerns are quickly verified, as Jeremiah breaks into the DEO database to access the full alien registry for the United States. Can Kara and Alex stop their dad before he returns to Lillian Luthor and Hank Henshaw?
  • “Star-Crossed”: The Daxamites have arrived on Earth, and they want Mon-El back immediately. Kara and Mon-El travel to the Daxamite flagship, only to have the truth about Mon-El’s lineage revealed! The Price of Daxim is reunited with his parents (guest stars Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo), and they wish to rebuild their shattered world. Will Mon-El choose his family and people, or will he select to stay with the woman that he loves?
  • “Resist” / “Nevertheless, She Persisted”: The Daxamites begin their invasion of Earth, and Supergirl finds herself teaming up with Lillian Luthor and Hank Henshaw in order to rescue Mon-El and Lena. The President returns with her old friend Cat Grant, and the two attempt to come to terms with Rhea of Daxam. When the discussions breakdown, Kara makes a heroic rescue of her former boss, and the truth about the President stands revealed. The clock is ticking down as our favorite heroes launch their last ditch effort to take down the Daxamite invaders and save their friends before the Earth becomes “New Daxam” forever. 
After a freshman season on CBS, Supergirl found herself being relocated to The CW, home of the other shows within the DCTV “Arrowverse”. The change to the new network brought a new sense of levity and energy, and the overall tone of the show shifted for the better. The change also meant a production relocation, and Melissa Benoist (Supergirl), Mehcad Brooks (James Olsen), Chyler Leigh (Alex Danvers), Jeremy Jordan (Winn Schott, Jr.), and David Harewood (Martian Manhunter) made the move to continue as series regulars. The greatest casualty of the move was the loss of Calista Flockhart (Cat Grant) as a regular, opting to make a few minor appearances throughout the second year. The series also added Chris Wood as Mon-El, Floriana Lima as Maggie Sawyer, Katie McGrath as Lena Luthor. Fans were treated to a Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman throwback with the addition of Teri Hatcher as Rhea and the return of Dean Cain as the missing Jeremiah Danvers. 
Relationships were a major focal point of the sophomore season, and the creative team opted to have Kara move away from her interest in James Olsen in the opening two parter, and instead shifting her attention to Mon-El. While it was great to see the Kara/James story change from the Ross/Rachel “will they or won’t they” scenario, the relationship that was the focus of season one was dropped rather abruptly. While Chris Wood did an admirable job as Mon-El, the relationship always felt forced. Mon-El came across as being a bit of a douche, and while he had the potential for growth, his overall personality was a bit inconsistent over the season. Alex received a major arc with the introduction of Maggie Sawyer, and the two embarked on a journey of personal discovery. The Alex/Maggie dynamic was handled with the perfect amount of care and consideration, and ended up being one of the best elements of the season. Winn and James take their friendship to a new level, as James decides to head into the world as the masked vigilante known as Guardian, with Winn as “the guy in the van” supporting his mission. This relationship was interesting at first, but there were times that it felt like the writers didn’t know what else to do with James…J’onn also gets the chance to focus on a new (and unexpected) relationship after he encounters a female Green Martian named M’gann M’orzz (fans of Young Justice will know her as Miss Martian). 
Special Features
  • Supergirl: 2016 Comic-Con Panel
  • Supergirl: Alien Fight Night
  • Supergirl: Did You Know? – Facts for Fans
  • Supergirl: Aliens Among Us
  • A Conversation with Andrew Kreisberg and Kevin Smith
  • Commentary with Andrew Kreisberg and Kevin Smith on Supergirl Lives
  • Digital Copy of Supergirl: The Complete Second Season
While the first season of Supergirl was good, the second season raised the bar to a new high. The writing, tone, and overall character development was much stronger in this new season, and it was great seeing Kara and her entire supporting cast get the opportunity to grow in such a strong manner. Be sure to check out The Flash: The Complete Third Season (coming soon to Blu-ray) for the musical episode, as well Arrow: The Complete Fifth Season and Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Second Season for the multi-hero Invasion! crossover.
[ratings: 4/5]
ComicsOnline gives Supergirl: The Complete Second Season – 4 out of 5 appearances by Mr. Mxyzptlk.
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Supergirl: The Complete Second Season [Blu-ray]

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