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DVD Review: Power Rangers Seasons 13-17

Power Rangers 20

by Matt Sernaker, Managing Editor, Power Rangers Fan

The Power Rangers are back with more classic adventures that are finally available on DVD! Thanks to our friends at Shout! Factory, fans new and old can now enjoy the tales of S.P.D., Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive, Jungle Fury, and RPM in the Power Rangers Seasons 13-17 DVD Set!

Season after season, colorful teenagers with attitude have been our last line of defense against alien, mystical, and other-worldly threats.  So what makes these Rangers stand out against their predecessors?

Power Rangers SPD

Power Rangers S.P.D.

In the far off year of 2025, aliens have been integrated into human society. The organization known as Space Patrol Delta (S.P.D. for short) have trained cadets to be Earth’s defenders and to maintain the peace. When the A-Squad goes missing under mysterious circumstances, a younger squad of cadets must step up and save the day!  The Troobian Empire is here to conquer Earth, and The SPD Rangers, along with their mentor Doggie Kruger, must unlock the zords and weapons of the future!

So what made it different?

This was the first time the series had jumped into the future since Time Force, and we got to see a potential version of Earth where aliens were highly integrated with society. We also had hints that the Blue S.P.D. Ranger had ties to the Red Time Force Ranger. This season was the first to include more than 6 Rangers, as well as show fans a female Red Ranger! She might have been a member of the A-Squad, but this was a major surprise for fans.

Key Episodes:

Beginnings Parts 1-2, Shadow Parts 1-2, Messenger Parts 1-2, Wormhole, History

Power Rangers MysticForce

Power Rangers Mystic Force

What happens when you take concepts from Power Rangers and Harry Potter and put them on TV? Power Rangers Mystic Force. A mystical world of adventure lies just beyond our own, and when the undead try to force themselves upon our world, a new team of Rangers must embrace magic and save the day. Under the watchful eye of the Sorceress Udonna, these new Rangers use spell-based powers, dragons, magic wands, flying broomsticks, and creatures to defend humanity!

What made it different?

Capes! Well..more like cloaks…But this was the first time that any Ranger team had anything resembling capes as part of their ensemble. This was also the first time that the series had embraced magic as the source of their abilities and powers. This was not only the first installment to feature a 6th Ranger prior to the rest of the cast, but this was also a female 6th Ranger!

Key Episodes:

Broken Spell Parts 1-2, The Gatekeeper Part 1-2, Ranger Down, The Light Source Parts 1-2

Power Rangers Overdrive

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

The mysterious “Corona Aurora” is said to give the wearer unlimited power. Now alien forces are converging on Earth to find seven pieces, and it is up to a team of teens to find them first! The newest Power Rangers set out on a globe spanning adventure to find the pieces and stop evil from gaining ultimate power.

What made it different?

What could be cooler than an Indiana Jones style quest for mystical objects? The series was originally going to be called “Relic Hunters”, but received a last minute change to Operation Overdrive. This series also featured the 15th Anniversary special, which included special appearances from legendary Power Rangers!

Key Episodes:

Kick Into Overdrive Parts 1-2,  Man of Mercury Parts 1-2,  Once a Ranger Parts 1-2, Crown and Punishment

Power Rangers JungleFury

Power Rangers Jungle Fury

Unleash your inner animal spirit with Power Rangers Jungle Fury! The Order of the Claw has been tasked with protecting the world from the Dai Shi, an evil ancient spirit.  When a member of the clan accidentally unleashes this evil back into the world, a new team of heroes must learn how to focus their animal spirits as the Power Rangers Jungle Fury. Following the death of their Master Mao, the new Rangers seek out their new Mentor, who also happens to be Pizza Parlor owning Kung Fu master! Can they master their abilities and stop the Dai Shi and his army of Rinshi warriors?

What made it different?

Sunglasses as…morphers? Yup, that happened. I will admit, this series had a ton of problems, the sunglasses were one of the few cool things that actually worked. The CGI was painful, the acting was equally as bad, but the show had a pretty awesome and stylistically different theme song. Of all of the installments in the history of the show, this would be a good one to skip.

Key Episodes:

Welcome to the Jungle Parts 1-2, Ghost of a Chance, Now the Final Fury


Power Rangers RPM

Post-apocalyptic Power Rangers!? YES!!! Our world has been destroyed by an evil Artificial Intelligence known as Venjix, and the remaining human population of the world must live in dome cities. A scientist named Dr. K has created new suits and powers for a new team of Rangers, who must fight to reclaim our world from Venjix and his forces. Get ready for Power Rangers RPM!

What made it different?

The majority of the world had been destroyed by a computer virus, and now we have to fight to survive in a Terminator-like environment. We later found out that the RPM story was set in an Alternate Universe, but this story still held a great deal of appreciation with fans for trying something completely different. This was also the last Disney-produced series, as the Power Rangers franchise was soon reacquired by Saban Entertainment.

Key Episodes:

The Road to Corinith, Go For the Green, Doctor K, Ancient History, Danger and Destiny

Power Rangers RPM

Special Features:

Mad Props! Prop master Mark Richardson and members of the cast look back on working with the props of Power Rangers.

Rangers On Set! Cast members reflect on their favorite and least favorite sets.

Ranger Tales – Cast members recall their time on Power Rangers.

Collect ‘Em All- The fans of the franchise show off their favorite Power Rangers toys and collectables.

The SPD Rangers Want You!

Special messages from the Mystic Force Rangers

Mystic Force: Forces of Nature!

Operation Overdrive Files

Original Promos


Once again, Shout! Factory knocks it out of the park with a fantastic DVD set. The quality of the TV transfers and the special features continue to make these sets worth the cost. While these seasons might not be as well known as the earlier installments, they all play a vital role in the legacy of Power Rangers, and will be sure to be a thrill ride for new fans. Make sure to add this set to your ever-growing Power Rangers DVD collection.

Rating: ★★★★☆
ComicsOnline gives Power Rangers: Seasons 13-17 on DVD 4 morphers out of 5.

Power Rangers Season 13-17




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Power Rangers: Seasons 13 -17

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