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Gaming Review: Tales from the Game Tavern #2

Issue 2

by Joe Iconic, Reporter

Tales from the Game Tavern #2 decks the halls with Krampus lore!  As the holidays pass, and we try to forgot that horrible Krampus movie, gamers should allow themselves one more holiday treat: Tales from the Game Tavern #2.

For the uninitiated, Tales from the Game Tavern #2 continues the game system agnostic e-zine that fits nicely into any Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder or other swords and sorcery roleplaying campaigns.   The Grand DM continues to deliver great material, especially for the Game Master who prefers to wander from the prepackaged campaigns to develop their own “home brew” worlds or adapt existing campaigns into their own.  Tales from the Game Tavern #2 is 29 pages of wonder.

Ike Horton continues to deliver wonderful cover art with Season’s Beatings. Check out Ike on Facebook here.

“Klergy of Krampus” is the first article.  I fully intend to work Krampus Little Helpers into my own campaign, as Krampus is my daughter’s first BBEG (Big Bad Evil Guy).

“Figurines of Mischievous Power” are magical toys that would add flavor to any city or village streets.   Our home-base village has a toymaker, and now he will have something besides very small wooden golems to offer the town folk.  The toys would have no impact to modest impact, showing a wonderful amount of game balance. Each toy is thoughtfully designed, as more of role-playing aides than game changers

“The Frozen Man” is a winter-themed horror encounter, the self-fulfilling messenger of death.   This article also had some nice reflection on the role (and the role reversal) of psychopomps, the guides for the dearly departed.  Beware the Frozen Man!

“Gruss vom Krampus” is a mid-level adventure that includes rescuing of those marked by Krampus.  This adventures is immediately playable, and will be wonderful when my daughter’s halfling ranger discovers that Krampus is more than just the bad guy, but a force of nature with a purpose.  The list of things to buy from Luttenstadt is a wonderful addition to the village.  Frostburn torches and Krampus masks will be in our own village of Mage’s End by our next adventure.

“Krampus Curios” offers a good variety of minor magical things for Krampus to leave in the shoes of good children.  The items have a strong Norse theme, easily adaptable to whatever the local pantheon may be.   Minor magical items contribute greatly to the general setting and storytelling, and this article is a wonderful example of those unique items that make an adventure worth remembering.

And last, but not least, “Roast Beast Soup” is a colorful yet practical recipe which I thought of immediately when I saw the holiday turkey carcass about to be discarded.

Tales from the Game Tavern #2 is great, and I can definitely recommend jumping on board this e-zine.  It has been two issues, and I have found each article a perfect fit for my own homebrew, family-friendly 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign.  You can find Tales from the Game Tavern #2 at Grand DM’s blog, or at RPGNow.

Since The Grand DM contributes so greatly to my campaign, please feel free to join me in my personal quest to have him write some articles about Baba Yaga next!

Rating: ★★★★★

ComicsOnline gives Tales from the Game Tavern #2 5 Krampus Little Helpers out of 5 Krampus Little Helpers.

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